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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. Do I need a membership? [click for answer]
No. There are no membership fees required to use our service.

Q. What type of insurance coverage is required to hire a chauffeur? [click for answer]
You must currently possess proof of comprehensive and collision insurance or your state’s minimum requirements. You can always verify with your insurance company that a permissible use driver is covered by your insurance.

Q. Can I utilize the service for a friend to use the chauffeur? [click for answer]

Q. What if there are no chauffeurs available for the area I am located in? [click for answer]
Give us a call (1-877-eRide4u / 1-877-374-3348). We’ll do our best to locate a chauffeur and get them to you.

Q. Am I able to contact or interview the chauffeur prior to using them? [click for answer]
Yes, you can contact the chauffeur before you hire them. We want you to be comfortable with whomever is providing a service to you.

Q. Are your chauffeurs safe? [click for answer]
Yes, the chauffeurs have to complete a training program and have an MVR check and criminal background check to be on our website.

Q. Do I need to tip the chauffeur? [click for answer]
Gratuity is always appreciated, but it is optional.

Q. Do you have chauffeurs that will drive RVs or pull campers? [click for answer]
Yes, but review our chauffeurs qualifications.

Q. Do your chauffeurs drive rental cars? [click for answer]
Yes. Just add the chauffeur as an additional driver and we’ll get you where you need to go.

Q. Can I hire a chauffeur just to run errands? [click for answer]
Yes. Our chauffeurs are to assist you with any safe, legal, reasonable request when you need a personal assistant.

Q. When does the time start? [click for answer]
The time starts when the chauffeur shows up to pick up your vehicle.

Q. What does the chauffeur do with my vehicle while I’m at an appointment, meeting, etc.? [click for answer]
The chauffeur stands by with your vehicle or can run your personal errands for you and will be available when needed.

Q. What does a chauffeur wear? [click for answer]
You can request he chauffeur to be dressed in professional black attire or business casual attire, your choice.

Q. Are there any grounds for termination of using [click for answer]
Yes. Falsification of ANY information provided (ex. vehicle insurance, registration, etc.)

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